✩ | Liam | he / they | 18 | ✩

✩ Dreamcast enthusiast and retro gamer ✩

Hello and welcome to my site! I made this site out of love for the Dreamcast and to mark the start / progress of my Dreamcast collection! Well, I'm not out to get a full library or anything like that, I just want to enjoy the games I've had my eyes on for a really long time! I finally have my Dreamcast after so many months of actively looking for it!

What got me into the Dreamcast is mostly my love of Sonic, I loved Sonic a lot as a kid and spent most of my days playing Sonic flash games and Sega spin-off games, like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Vancouver 2010) and Sega Superstars Tennis. That second one is the one I blame for my fixation on the Dreamcast. It had Sega characters I hadn't seen before as a kid, like Ulala, Beat, Gum, I think the only characters that were on there that were from games I played were Aiai, Mimi, Sonic and Tails! So a few years later, I learned about the games these guys are from and the Dreamcast. I've always loved retro games (and honestly so much stuff that was older than me) so of course I had to grab a Dreamcast and the rest is history!

As you can probably tell from the colours of this site, I live in a PAL region! I'm only going to be collecting and talking about PAL games, since I have no real interest in modding my console. (Not anti-mod though! I especially love looking at cosmetic mods and portables) If you know of any good PAL games for the Dreamcast, defnintely tell me! I'm not much of an RPG guy though.

My hobbies other than talking about the Dreamcast are drawing, sewing, talking about other retro gaming things, actually playing video games, collecting figures of Hatsune Miku, hoarding cat plushies I don't have space for and taking apart electronics. I have a bit of a busy life, so sorry if updates aren't consistent, but I'll try to be active enough around Neocities and on my site!

So there's my villain origin story, I hope you'll enjoy the site! Also, something quick to note, I tried to make this site responsive, so PLEASE tell me if it looks screwed up on your screen, thank you. Have a nice time here!